Lemon Pound Cake Shake!

Lemon Pound Cake Shake!
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Who doesn't love indulging in the heaven-sent dessert that is lemon pound cake? Sweet, tart, creamy, and soft- every bite has your taste-buds doing a little celebration dance. Trying to get a slice without the hefty carb load? We think we have a recipe that will do just the trick AND uses both of your favorite Kegenix products for the ultimate keto concoction!


A blender

1 packet/scoop of Lemon Twist🍋 Kegenix PRIME

1 packet/scoop of Vanilla Keto Meal🥛

1/4 C heavy whipping cream

2 C water

5-10 ice cubes

Optional: Whipped cream in a can to swirl on top!

(TIP: If you're on the go, skip the blender and get a shaker bottle! Won't be as thick, but will taste just as good!)



1. Take your blender, add the heavy whipping cream and water inside.

2. Add your Lemon Twist and Keto Meal to the mixture.

3. Drop in your ice cubes, pop on the top, and blend away! (Add ice cubes until you

achieve desired thickness)

4. Pour into your favorite cup, top with a dollop of whipped cream for the "icing on top", and sip away!

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