10 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes That Actually Taste Great!

10 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes That Actually Taste Great!
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Get Stuffed, Minus the Stuffing: 10 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes That Actually Taste Great!

10 Keto Thanksgiving Recipes That Actually Taste Great!

Are you on the keto diet? Nervous about the approaching holidays and all that carb-loaded food? Stay healthy - and full! - with these keto Thanksgiving recipes.

There are lots of common sources of holiday stress that can be unavoidable. What you're going to eat shouldn't be one of them.

The Thanksgiving holiday should be a time when you enjoy a great meal with your friends and family, but if you are on the keto diet, that can be an unexpected challenge. 

Lots of traditional Thanksgiving foods--from stuffing to dessert to side dishes--are heavy on the carbs, but there are ways to reinvent them. As the keto diet has grown in popularity, easy and accessible keto recipes have become more available. 

You can have a low-carb Thanksgiving without having to sacrifice taste or flavor. The low-carb Thanksgiving recipes may not be what you grew up with, but they are a great starting point for a new tradition of a keto Thanksgiving. 

Below, we're sharing 10 keto Thanksgiving recipes to add to your table. Read on to learn more!

1. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

If you like to start your Thanksgiving meal with a soup course, then broccoli cheddar soup is a low-carb Thanksgiving recipe you shouldn't miss. The hearty vegetable with the silky cheese makes for a killer flavor combination. 

The best part about any broccoli cheddar soup is the creamy consistency, and that's where you have to get a little creative. Most broccoli cheddar recipes achieve that texture by using flour.

The keto solution? Xantham gum. Substitute a xantham gum for the flour in your recipe, and you'll have a perfect start to a keto Thanksgiving. 

2. Green Beans

Green beans are one the most traditional Thanksgiving recipes, but they don't always come to the table in keto-friendly form. Fortunately, they can be adapted into delicious low-carb side dishes. 

If you want a dish that's a little decadent, sauté the beans with bacon and finish with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. To stay on the lighter side, you can finish a green bean salad with walnuts. 

3. Mashed Cauliflower 

What's the secret to the best low-carb Thanksgiving mashed potatoes? Not using potatoes. Swapping out potatoes for cauliflower in your mash will give you that creamy, velvety texture you crave without all the carbs. 

Use a blender for the extra-creamy consistency you love, and roasted garlic for an extra boost of flavor. 

4. Apple Slaw

Even low-carb Thanksgiving recipes can feel heavy, so it's nice to have something that's crunchy and bright on the table to break things up. As far as low-carb side dishes go, an apple slaw is a great option. 

Toss apples with other crunchy ingredients like nuts or poppy seeds. Add a cooling dressing with lemon juice and mayonnaise, and you're ready to serve. This dish also works great as a light Thanksgiving lunch before the big meal, when you need a bite of something but don't want to get too full. 

5. Turkey

It wouldn't be a keto Thanksgiving--or Thanksgiving in general--without turkey. Fortunately, the meal's main event is also keto-friendly. If you have a tried-and-true method that you've been using for years, there's no reason to mix it up now. 

If you are looking to change things up this year, a butter roasted turkey yields crispy skin and flavorful, juicy meat. Herbs and citrus also make a great addition for a flavorful turkey that will impress everyone around your Thanksgiving table. 

6. Gravy

When you think of low-carb Thanksgiving recipes, you probably don't think about gravy. And for good reason. A lot of people on a keto diet probably assume they have to give up gravy because it is almost always thickened using flour. 

In reality, a keto Thanksgiving gravy is not hard to do, especially if you already have meat dripping from roasting your turkey. Using a combination of keto-friendly ghee, coconut milk, and broth, you can achieve thick, flavorful gravy with ease. 

7. Cranberry Sauce

A bright, tart cranberry sauce complements the flavor of turkey perfectly, which is why it is such a staple on Thanksgiving tables. If you've only ever had the gelatinous stuff from the can, you're in for a real surprise--and a treat--the first time you make your own. 

Traditional cranberry sauce recipes call for boiling fresh cranberries with sugar and water, but you can easily swap the sugar for keto-approved sweetener. From there, the process is easy and almost entirely hands-off. 

Let the cranberries come to a boil in the water and sweetener mixture until they start to burst. When they are a jammy, saucy consistency, mix in fresh orange zest and vanilla extract. 

8. Almond Flour Rolls

A thick, fluffy roll is the perfect vehicle for sopping up extra gravy and sauce on your Thanksgiving plate. Almond flour rolls are one of the best low-carb side dishes because satisfy your craving for a break without busting your keto diet. 

9. Stuffing

One of the best things about the Thanksgiving meal is that it included foods that you really only eat at Thanksgiving. There is something nostalgic about it, and no dish represents that better than Thanksgiving stuffing. It's always one of the most popular side dishes on the table. 

And low-carb Thanksgiving stuffing is probably easier than you think. You can you use almost all of the ingredients you would find in a regular stuffing, and swap out the bread with a low-carb option. Cauliflower florets are a great option, as are low-carb biscuits. 

10. Dessert

There is no better way to end a keto Thanksgiving than with a low-carb dessert. And you may be surprised to realize how many low-carb Thanksgiving desserts there are, and how delicious they actually taste. 

Pumpkin Pie Bars capture all of the signature flavors of the season. For chocolate lovers, homemade truffles are another delicious option that is satisfying without being too sweet. 

Ready to Try These Keto Thanksgiving Recipes? 

Any holiday that is centered around food can feel daunting when you are on a specific diet. You deserve to have as festive a holiday as anyone, so don't be shy about speaking up when it comes to your dietary needs. 

Offer to bring along dishes that you can eat, or host friends and family for the meal yourself. These keto Thanksgiving recipes are so good that even those who aren't on a keto diet will love them. 

For more information on living a keto lifestyle, check out our blog. 


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