Top 25 Keto Gift Ideas

Top 25 Keto Gift Ideas
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The holidays are finally here!

It's a chance to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Through gifts! But what if your loved one has "gone keto". 

Should I buy them a popcorn popper (sorry, that will end up re-gifted). 

What about a bottle of wine? (They may drink it, but it will definitely kick them out of ketosis).

A fruit cake? (straight to the garbage can). 

Here are 25 of my favorite keto gifts ideas to give to your favorite person, who has worked so hard to live a low-carb lifestyle. Let's give them all the support they deserve with these healthy gift ideas!


1. Kettlebells- Kettlebells are a GREAT way to build strength, incorporate cardio, and improve overall athleticism. For men, 25 lbs is a great starting point. For women, 15 pounds. We personally love these BoomBells by MadFitterThe kettlebell is in the shape of a gernade, which is pretty cool. But what I love most is that MadFitter is a supporter of charities that help our veterans, such as EOD Warrior Foundation

2. Fit Simplify Exercise Bands- Let's not pretend we aren't all obsessed with having a nice healthy peach emoji behind. So this gift says, "Hey, I like you just the way you are, but I've seen you watch those Instagram videos, and I'm gifting you the gift of a great rear-end." 

And, it's only $11.95 on Amazon right now for the set of five!

3. Orange Theory Membership- I have not personally visited an Orange Theory studio, due to not having one close enough. But we have all seen our favorite IG influences posting their Orange Theory stats for the day. I'm not sure what it means, but I want to try it! So everyone buy their loved one a membership, and maybe they will open a new one near me!

4. Kegenix PRIME + Keto Meal + Kegenix IGNITE = Everything you could ever possibly need for the keto fitness junkie. Kegenix PRIME will give you energy and help you recover from hard workouts. It can also be used as a backup plan in case someone buys them that wine, and they can't resist! Keto Meal is a great keto meal replacement, containing ACTUAL KETONES, so they can feel free to skip over brunch consisting of pastries and mini waffles, or whatever fancy people eat at brunch. And IGNITE is the perfect pre-workout, to give you an extra boost and help you feel energized, after night after night of holiday partying. 

5. Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Water Bottle - Because it's an awesome water bottle to keep your Kegenix PRIME cold, or your Bulletproof coffee warm. Win-win. 


6. Bulletproof Coffee Starter Kit- You need more sleep, but sometimes its not an option if you are a college student. So give your keto college friend the gift of #brainfuel! 

7. Crio Bru- If your friend is like me, and is sensitive to caffeine, try this coffee alternative. Its made from roasted and ground cacao beans, with no added sugar! 

8. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee- Okay, another coffee suggestion? But this mushroom coffee is different, and is perfect for supporting their poor, neglected adrenals.We recommend this blend, containing 10 types of mushrooms. 


9. Electric Water Kettle + French Press- They may not have access to a coffee maker in their dorm, but this compact electric water kettle, paired with a french press, will give them barista vibes in their very own dorm room.

10. Keto Essentials + Kegenix IGNITE- Always make sure you are getting in the vitamins and minerals you may be missing from your diet. And if you are prepping for finals week, you are mosting likely eating junk, or nothing at all. Keto Essentials was developed to support those following a keto diet specifically, so it can help replace what you may be missing. Kegenix IGNITE is the first exogenous ketone spray of its kind. It contains actual ketones, so it is perfect fuel for the brain. Take it before a challenging exam, or to help you recover from your all-nighters.



11. FitKetoGirls Meal and Workout Plan- Created by Jane Downes and Liz Williams, Fit Keto Girls takes all the guess work out of starting the keto diet. It is the best way to start the 2018 year. They have created a community full of love and support. Check out Liz and Jane on Instagram for keto inspiration. @thefittrainerswife  @ketotrainerjane


12. Kegenix PRIME + Keto Meal- It's not hard to start a New Years' Resolution, but it sure is hard to maintain one. According to US News, 80% of New Years' Resolutions fail by February. Well we aren't going to let that happen! Kegenix PRIME can get you back on track after the holiday indulgences (which, come on, even for the most hardcore keto-ers, there are going to be a couple desserts you just don't want to pass up). And Keto Meal will help get you through those times when you just don't want to think about your next meal. You just want to get through the day. 

13. Macadamia Nuts- My all-time favorite keto snack! It has an ideal ration of omega-3s to omega-6s, and are delicious!


14.Gym Membership- This is the perfect addition to the FitKetoGirls meal and workout guide. They include a full 28 day workout plan, along with videos to help you do the exercises correctly. 

15. Bra + Legging Combo- We are obsessed with the matching bra and legging combo! Reebok has a couple sets we are hoping someone buys for us. (hint, hint).


16. Paleo Magazine Subscription- This is my favorite magazine, after The Magnolia Journal, because, come on, Chip and Joanna. My favorite Paleo Magazine issue of the year is the holiday issue, because it is full of recipes from my favorite "Paleo personalities", followed by the January issue, which has reviews of their favorite products from the year. 

17. The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson- Mark Sisson's, author of The Primal Blueprint, and creator of the famous Primal Kitchen Chipotle Lime Mayo (if you haven't tried it, it's incredible), has created a great, ease-into-it approach to the keto diet, which helps to create concrete keto lifestyle habits. His recipes in the book are also incredible! I have been cooking out of it non-stop. My favorite so far, the Primal Coleslaw and Creamed Spinach! You can check him out on Good Morning America below!



18. Unconventional Medicine by Chris Kresser- Chris Kresser has just come out with a brand new book, and is throwing out some mind-blowing statistics! You can listen to him here on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast and learn a little bit about his book. 

19. The Ketogenic Bible by Ryan P. Lowry and Jacob Wilson- A must for anyone just starting the keto diet! This book covers EVERYTHING! And also has great recipes! Personal favorite: the keto pizza. 

20. Audible Subscription- Sometimes, sitting down to read a book, cover to cover, is unrealistic. Okay, the majority of the time it's unrealistic. And that is why I LOVE Audible. Because I can listen to my favorite books while I take a walk, do the dishes, or fold the laundry. It's completely changed my outlook on cleaning the house. I no longer dread it!


21. Sprializer- Pasta on the keto diet? Well, no. Pasta shaped vegetables, YES PLEASE! This is a must for a keto cook to help recreate your favorite alfredo dish.

22. Immersion Blender- This has been so helpful to me! I like to eat a lot of soup on the keto diet, but I had to transfer my stock pot veggies to a food processor in batches to puree. It made such a mess that I cringed when I knew it was soup time. But with the immersion blender, everything stays in the stock pot!

23. Knives and Cutting Board- You will be cooking nearly all your meals on the keto diet. So you deserve good knives! Trust me. And sharpen them before each use. Also, don't wash them in the dishwasher please. That makes me sad and ruins them. And if you are going to have awesome knives, you deserve a beautiful cutting board! 

24. Mini Spring-form Pans- Keto diet = cheesecake. Yes you can have it, with some simple modifications. And these mini spring-form pans are just too cute to pass up!

25. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Skillet- This is all I cook with! My Lodge Cast Iron gives my food the most even, crisp, tender texture, that I would never be able to get from a non-stick pan. Also, I've used it so much that it's more non-stick, than my non-stick pans! 


And there you have it! Twenty-five great suggestion for your low-carb-loved one. 

Happy Holidays!

-Samantha Stephenson, Primal Health Coach, ACE CPT


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