Caramel-Mocha Shake using Keto Meal

Caramel-Mocha Shake using Keto Meal
Authored By Danielle Mosichuk
Check out this "keto-licious" recipe below that was created by one of 
the founders of Kegenix, Gary Millet!


8 – 9 oz  of Cold Water or Brewed Coffee

2 Scoops of the Kegenix Chocolate KETOMEAL

1 tbs of Organic Instant Coffee or Brewed Coffee

1 tbs of Honeyville Powdered Peanut Butter

2oz of DairyGold 40% Cream 1 or other organic heavy cream 

2 squirts Eden Gourmet Caramel Flavored Syrup (or Omica Organic Stevia) 


1. Into your VitaMix or other blender, pour in the cold water or brewed coffee

followed by all ingredients.

2. Blend at low speed until thoroughly mixed.

3. Serve in a 20 oz cup over ice.

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