Unflavored Prime Collagen Peptide Powder

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Ready to kickstart your keto/low-carb journey? Gear up to have a week full of endless energy and high ketone levels.
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Real Ketones Prime Collagen Peptide Powder is a delicious drink mix featuring our multi-patented, proprietary Formula 255. With our all natural, fast absorbing, collagen peptides, you’ll enjoy a low-carb protein powder that supports your hair, skin, nail, joint, connective tissue and digestive and immune health.

Why Real Ketones?

The multi-patented Real Ketones BHB+MCT formula makes it easier to maintain ketosis and a ketogenic diet. Our products kickstart your body into state of ketosis within an hour, delivering a powerful blend of bio-identical ketones that help your body produce its own ketones.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the state in which your body uses ketones to burn fat for fuel instead of burning glucose. Ketones and the ketogenic diet have been shown to increase energy levels, focus and fat-burning abilities.



Real Ketones Prime Collagen Powder is a delicious, low-carb, keto-friendly collagen peptide powder. Our patented, proprietary Formula 255 with exogenous ketones helps you fully utilize our collagen peptides, which have a full amino acid profile, providing essential micronutrient support.


Collagen  is the most abundant protein in your body. It is the major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, skin, and muscles. Collagen  has many important functions, including providing your skin with structure and strengthening your bones!

As you get older your body makes less collagen, so taking collagen helps support your skin, hair, and nail health, dealing with joint pain, preventing bone loss, boosting muscle mass, and heart health.

Our proprietary Ketone-Collagen Peptide formula uniquely combines the structural benefits of grass-fed bovine collagen peptides, with the cellular energy of BHB ketones+ MCT that delivers the biopower for solid skin, nail, hair and cosmetic support!

This unique ketone combination is used to drive the body’s optimization of the collagen peptide. The science-backed benefits of ketones are clean, sustainable energy, brain cognition function, immune system fortification, athletic performance, longevity, and beyond!

Collagen with Ketones is not a substitute forPrimeD+. Collagen with Ketones should be used just as you would use a normal protein supplement, yum!

Prime Protein contains a different protein than collagen. Every  protein  you consume contains  different  amino acids, which form different building blocks of your body. Protein + Ketones contains whey protein, which focuses on the muscles and structure of the body, while collagen protein focuses more on the connective tissues of the body supporting hair, nails, skin. Both proteins are needed to cover the full amino acid needs of the body!

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