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The Only Powerful Patented Ketone Supplement Blend

In a clinical consumer perception trial, 7 out of 9 people said they went into a ketosis state and MAINTAINED ketosis for 4 weeks. Let's raise a glass of Kegenix PRIME to that!*

Say Goodbye To Cravings

In a clinical consumer study, 8 out of 10 agreed their cravings were reduced when incorporating Kegenix PRIMER & Keto Meal into their daily routine!*

More Energy & Greater Focus

In a clinical consumer perception trial, 75% reported having more energy and 59% saw an increase in daily focus in two weeks!*

PRIME™ produces more ketopower in everygram than other leading keto supplements.

Each scoop acts faster and lasts longer than most brands.

No More Complicated Diets.

No More Waiting for Results.

What if we told you there's a way to burn fat quickly and pain-lessly, while gaining energy and focus? The patented Kegenix PRIME by Real Ketones is the studied "ketone supplement" that starts ketosis in 60 minutes.

This gives you the power to..

  • Cut your food cravings
  • Burn fat for fuel
  • Enjoy the foods you love
  • Gain energy, focus & feel better

Our competition says keytones shouldn't taste good. We say they're wrong. We believe our ketone supplement is the best tasting on the market and we'll give you your money back if you don't agree!

Powerful Results

5 out of 8 participants in a clinical trial

achieved sustained ketosis

without being told to cut out their

favorite foods

What Is Ketosis?

Why it works...

Ketosis is the science of cutting carbs and eating a procise mix of proteins and fats. This inspires your body to create ketones, water-soluble molecules that literally burn fat and turn it into fuels for your mind and body.

The ketogenic diet is extremely hard to follow. Most people begin with good intentions, but quit within days (if not hours) of starting. Thankfully, Kegenix PRIME makes getting into ketosis easy. No need for rigorous dieting or grueling workouts.

Real People. Real Goals.

More energy, more focus, increases brain function,
helps achieve health and lifestyle goals.

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It's like Drinking a healthy Glass of Orange

Dynamic, Powerful & Safe


The key ingredient in the patented Kegenix PRIME blend,

KETO Bio-Blend 60 has been shown to increase

metabolism even at rest while boosting energy levels and

improving brain function*(1)

Kegenix PRIME with patented, KETO Bio-Blend 60 is packed with

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Kegenix Prime with patented, KETO Bio-Blend 60
    Energy Blend
  • Proprietary Bio-Enzymatic Blend

US vs. Them

Nothing can beat the value you get with Kegenix PRIME.
But proof is in the numbers. See for yourself below.

$49.99 $56.99 $49.99 $58.97
20g 11.38g 11.7g 11.7g
Adds Ketones
To Your Body
Your Own

*Ratings according to Amazon reviews.


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100% Satisfaction

Return the unused portion of your Kegenix™ order within 14 days from delivery date for a full refund of thepurchase price, excluding shippingSee Details.


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Our Goal Is To Improve Your Health

Kegenix was developed as a smarter product for better results. Research has shown that exogenous ketones are a safe and simple alternative to complicated ketogenic diets. Now thanks to Dr. D'Agostino's breakthrough, everyone can achieve ketosis without hard to follow diets and difficult workouts. Kegenix PRIME is the most powerful exogenous ketone supplement on the market, making the sustainment of a ketogenic lifestyle simple, painless and EASY.


  • What is Kegenix PRIME

    Kegenix™ PRIME™ is a mineral ketone supplement with its own proprietary blend using a patented technology. We own the exclusive worldwide rights for the patented technology developed from an approved patent invented by Dominic D’Agostino at the University of South Florida.
  • How fast should I consume PRIME?

    We recommend to consume PRIME within 30-45 minutes after your initial sip!
  • When is the best time to take PRIME™ ?

    We recommend to take one scoop/packet in the morning followed by the other scoop/serving in the afternoon. Since PRIME is very versatile you can also take PRIME 1/2 hour before and/or after the gym or any type of endurance training. For optimal performance, we recommend taking Kegenix PRIME as both, a pre & postwork drink!
  • How Kegenix PRIME™ works to keep you in ketosis?

    Kegenix PRIME™ is the first ketone supplement designed to provide CKS (Continuous Ketone Supplementation) to help your body sustain its beneficial ketone levels for consistent mitochondrial energy production. Kegenix PRIME™ ’s multi-patented, proprietary, combination ketone formula allows for a unique phased ketone delivery process to assist in ketone and electrolyte absorption without interfering with the body’s own ketone production process. We believe one of the keys to achieving greater benefits from ketones is to provide the right ketone ratios to the blood and hepatic system in maintaining beneficial ketone levels.
  • What kind of diet should I follow when taking KEGENIX™ ?

    You can select whatever diet you want when taking KegenixTM. It all depends on what your personal goals are and how you want to benefit from adding ketones to your nutrition. If you want to lose weight, then you will want to adopt a LCD/VLCD. If you want to run a dual fuel system, you need to balance that with carbohydrates for maximum performance. Kegenix was developed as “weight loss science for every body” and it’s up to you to decide how you would like to benefit.
  • Should I drink PRIME on an empty stomach?

    Should I drink PRIME on an empty stomach?
  • Can I take Kegenix™ while pregnant?

    There is nothing about a ketogenic diet being harmful to someone who is pregnant. On the contrary, there are numerous studies showing that a ketogenic diet actually improves fertility. But as always, everyone in every situation is different and we always recommend someone check with their physician on this matter.


It's a game-changing whole-body breakthrough!


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