More than a supplement. It’s a game-changing whole-body breakthrough!

The winning combination for weight loss

The Kegenix proprietary formula was developed through years of scientific research by Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD. at the University of South Florida. His discovery of a unique ketone technology to deliver the most bioavailable ketones per gram possible was eventually granted a patent US Patent Number 9,138,420 entitled “Compositions and Methods for Producing Elevated and Sustained Ketosis” and forms the backbone of the Kegenix's Prime proprietary blend. A groundbreaking independent human clinical trial revealed the patented ingredient in PRIME delivers an effective way for the body to achieve ketosis.*(2)

beta-hydroxybutyrate bhb chart
level of ketosis chart

A smarter product with better results

Scientists have known the benefits while athletes have devoted countless hours to trying to achieving these results. Research has shown that exogenous ketones are a safe and simple alternative to complicated ketogenic diets. *(7) Now, thanks to Dr. D’Agostino’s breakthrough, everyone can achieve ketosis without hard to follow diets and difficult work outs. PRIME is the best technology when it comes to exogenous ketones. PRIME’s unique ketone technology separates it from all other products with its ability to elevate and sustain ketone levels. This proprietary scientific blend is PRIME’s “secret sauce”. PRIME’s patented ingredient was proven to last up to 8 hours, two times longer than KE *(1&2)

A scientific, whole-body breakthrough

D’Agostino’s patented technology is more than a weight loss breakthrough, it’s also a “brain tonic,” offers glucose control support, enhances overall performance and improves general overall health.

A new independent human clinical study proves that ketone salts help support healthy blood and triglycerides.*(3) This patented technology is what makes PRIME so unique.

woman illustrated in her new healthier body with fat shown removed
kegenix prime container with woman doing situps behind it

You can burn fat for fuel

Kegenix PRIME was engineered to be taken multiple times throughout the day to keep your body refreshed with ketones (we call this CKS, Continuous Ketone Supplementation). The formula mimics the body’s natural ketogenic process. BHB salts alone can’t do it and MCT won’t start Ketosis by itself. Only PRIME delivers the special combination blend of ketones to both elevate ketones and to help your own body create more to SUSTAIN your ketone levels longer.

The key to unlocking your true potential

Prime patented ingredient may unlock greater human potential *(15)

With Kegenix PRIME, science has finally delivered on the promise of revolutionizing weight loss for every BODY.

Kick-start your metabolic makeover today!

Whether you want to take your low carb diet to the next level or conquer the ultimate “keto” quest, Kegenix™ PRIME is the most powerful “exogenous keto” product sold to the public.

While supplies last


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