//Kegenix KETO MEAL Vanilla Flavour

Kegenix KETO MEAL Vanilla Flavour


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Ketosis on the go. The single-serve 5 pack give you sweet-tasting exogenous ketone blend so you can stay on track with your keto diet anywhere you go. Now you can take ketones to work or the gym or travelling without worrying about making a mess.



Keto Meal is the world’s first and only meal replacement that aids in ketone production by using MCT and BHB.

Instant Ketogenic Meal
• All the Benefits, Without the Fuss
• Stop Planning Your Meals
• Start Enjoying Your Results
• Super Food meets Super Fuel

• 10 Grams of Whey Protein Isolate
• Essential Vitamins and Minerals
• Essential Micronutrients
• Pre-biotic
• Excellent Source of Natural Fiber
• Combine PRIME and KETO MEAL for all day results

Kegenix PRIME in the morning
• KETO MEAL for lunch
• Equals All day results and energy

Keto Meal is the world’s first and only meal replacement that aids in ketone production. Keto Meal replacement burns your own body fat for fuel, while simultaneously fighting cravings and satisfying hunger. There are a lot of meal replacements being sold in the market place, claiming to be keto friendly (65% fat, 25% protein, 10% carb). But how much better would it be to have a meal replacement that was keto AND had real ketones in it? That’s exactly what Keto Meal is! The all-in-one ketogenic meal replacement.

Keto Meal replacement was engineered by the creators of Kegenix PRIME. Their knowledge and expertise of ketone technology and lifestyle led them to produce a superior meal replacement. It is designed specifically to optimize keto, low carb, and paleo lifestyles. It’s now available in a great tasting, natural chocolate, and vanilla flavors.

Keto Meal is a complete and instant ketogenic meal. It contains all the necessary macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals for a complete keto meal, in a convenient, easy to mix powder. We have engineered Keto Meal using Acacia fiber/MCT, which has been shown to be an effective pre-biotic. This helps to reduce glucose levels, improve gut health, and promote appetite suppression and .

Here is a closer look at Keto Meal:

• Kegenix Proprietary, Patented Blend of BHB/MCT SuperFuel
• 10 Grams of the Highest-Grade Whey Protein Isolate
• Essential Vitamins
• Essential Minerals
• Essential Micronutrients
• Promotes Digestive Health
• Pre-biotic
• Excellent Source of Natural Fiber
• Convenient Ketosis Powder for Easy Mixing
• Non-GMO
• Gluten Free
• Less than 1.5% Lactose
• Hormone Free
• Antibiotic Free
• No Artificial Colors
• No Artificial Sweeteners
• No Added Sugars
• Low Glycemic Index

Keto Meal Replacement is the perfect complement to Kegenix PRIME ketosis powder in helping to elevate and sustain ketone levels for optimal health and energy. We suggest you take Kegenix PRIME ketosis powder in the morning and Keto Meal replacement in the afternoon.

Additional information

Weight 350 g
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 11 cm

In earlier times when lives were simpler and diets were healthier, the human body didn’t have many of the weight related problems that are common today. The body relied on the tiny and incredibly powerful ketones to help regulate its energy supply by burning fat instead of carbs like we do today. Kegenix’s patented ketogenic formula now gives you the chance to revert your body back to its natural state of ketosis. Kegenix can help you look and feel better while stimulating keto over time due to its patent formulation and unique, phased delivery of ketones to your body. By drinking one packet of Kegenix keto powder mixed with 8 ounces of water each day you can.
We created a special method for using our patented ketone technology to produce and put ketones into a very special and electrolyte balanced powder that you simply dissolve in water and drink once or twice a day.


For Men
• 24/7 365 Energy
• Growth in Strength and Endurance
• Focus
• Fast recovery from workouts
• Fat Loss
• Anti-Aging
• Brain health

for Women
• 24/7 365 Energy
• Fat Loss
• Appetite and Cravings Suppression
• Lean Muscle Mass Maintenance
• Anti-Aging
• Better Sleep
• Mood Enhancement
• Brain Health


Everyone, regardless of age, who wants to regain their original, natural state of energy and those benefits from ketones.

Millions of units of ketones have been delivered using our special ketone technology.

Ketones has been studied by NASA and the US Military because of their special energy and cell protective properties

The first real product that can replace carbs and sugar without using insulin

Rapidly absorb exogenous ketones and electrolytes, balancing your body’s overall function

Naturally sustain ketosis via a unique blend of ketogenic amino acids and metabolites

Stimulate endogenous hepatic ketone production, via Kegenix's MCT & RS4 Fiber components

…resulting in a healthier, slimmer and more energetic you!


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