Keto Chips Box - 6 PACK

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Ready to kickstart your keto/low-carb journey? Gear up to have a week full of endless energy and high ketone levels.
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Keto Chips

Perfectly portioned and packed with flavor, each bag of Keto Chips is the optimal snack for the gym, work, or anywhere along your day. Every crunch provides you with the clean energy your body needs, so you’ll keep your hunger sated and your doctor too! No sugar. Keto friendly. Gluten-free. Snack with intention and see how choosing Real Ketones makes a real difference!

Non GMO Keto Friendly
No Sugar Gluten Free

Why Real Ketones?

Real Ketones creates products specially made for those aiming to live healthier lifestyles, and is ideal for those on a low carb or ketogenic diet! Our line helps elevate and sustain your body's fat burning abilities quickly, naturally, and tastily!

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the state in which your body uses ketones to burn fat for fuel instead of burning glucose. Ketones and the ketogenic diet have been shown to increase energy levels, focus and fat-burning abilities.

Better taste.

Better health.

Packed with natural ketones, Keto Chips are the perfect snack for the gym, work, or anywhere in between. And because Keto Chips provide the clean energy your body needs, you’ll keep your hunger at bay while keeping your health in check. No sugar. Keto friendly. Gluten free. Discover the difference of Keto Chips today!


There is a massive difference between Better Keto Chips and other low-carb chips. First, they truly taste great. We created these chips because all the other law-carb chips on the market just didn’t taste good. We packed these chips with flavor. Second, they’re crunchy from the first bite to the last. No other low-carb chip on the market can say that. Third, we didn’t cheat when making these low carb. They don’t have IMOs or any other soluble fiber, and they have no sugar at all. They have 5 total carbs with 3 natural fiber carbs for 2 net carbs. Finally, we packed these chips with our natural Real Ketones. No other chip on the market – low carb or not – contains ketones.

Each serving of Better Keto Chips contains 7 grams of Real Ketones.

Yes, you can absolutely eat these chips and still take other Real Ketones products! Better Keto Chips were designed to work with our other products. Eating these chips as part of your regular Real Ketones regimen will help you sustain good and safe levels of ketosis throughout the day. We recommend eating Better Keto Chips either between servings of other Real Ketones products or as an after dinner snack.

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