Pure C8 MCT Powder

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Ready to kickstart your keto/low-carb journey? Gear up to have a week full of endless energy and high ketone levels.
Real Ketones Pure C8 MCT Powder is a fantastic low-carb powder to help you support and maintain your keto lifestyle. It provides sustained energy levels, improved cognitive and mental clarity. While most MCT products in the market don't offer Pure C8 MCT (C8 converts faster and into more ketones), Real Ketones Pure C8 MCT Powder offers 100% C8 MCT, a very high-quality dietary fat that is a clean source of energy for your body to burn.

Why Real Ketones?

Our formula uses Pure C8 MCT which makes it easier to maintain ketosis and a ketogenic diet.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is the state in which your body uses ketones for fuel instead of burning glucose. Ketones and the ketogenic diet have been shown to increase energy levels, focus and fat-burning abilities.



Real Ketones Pure C8 MCT Powder is a keto-friendly formula that has been shown to support ketone levels, support a healthy heart, digestion, the brain, and key metabolic functions when consumed on a regular basis. Easy to mix and convenient for your on-the-go lifestyle, it’s a great way to support and take your ketogenic diet to the next level. We are the first to provide MCT in travel easy stick packs. No more bottles or canisters or mess to worry about.


MCT is a medium chain fatty acid called a triglyceride, thus the symbol MCT. An MCT is a fat that can convert into a ketone in the liver, but MCT is not a ketone itself.

Just as you would use any other fat in your diet! Our unflavored MCT powder allows you to use it in almost anything like a shake, coffee, drinks, cooking, etc.

There are four MCT molecules, C6, C8, C10, and C12. Only C8 and C10 have the ability to convert to ketones through the liver. C6 and C12 don’t convert to ketones. C12 is the most prevalent MCT in coconut oil, about 60%. C8 is the most powerful MCT in converting to ketones, followed by C10. Our MCT Pure C8 MCT powder is the most powerful MCT in helping your body make more ketones!

It is extracted from either coconut oil or palm kernel oil. Coconut oil is preferred to palm kernel oil because harvesting from coconut oil helps us preserve the rain forests. Our MCT Pure C8 Powder is made from coconuts!

MCT is not a ketone, however, it can be very helpful in supporting a ketogenic lifestyle as a highly useful and beneficial fat in your diet and has the potential to help your body make more ketones! While it is a great addition to your daily diet, too much can cause stomach sensitivity, so keep in mind to spread out your doses in order to avoid potential discomfort.

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